Reducing Recidivism through Effective Recovery and Skills Training for Post Incarceration


JOLT Nebraska provides a unique combination of recovery counseling and vocational training to individuals who have been recently paroled from incarceration in Nebraska.

We seek to provide opportunities to develop and use each individual’s talents for a successful and positive transition back into society with marketable skills.

Our objective is to reduce recidivism through effective recovery using vocational training and new life skills training, post incarceration.  In a self sustaining, “work team” environment our programs create ownership that fosters a solid foundation for  expansion, mentoring and individual accomplishment.

How we accomplish our objective:

JOLT Nebraska combines a Vocational Training facility with a Recovery Center.  This unique combination allows us to provide three significant functions in our facilities:

  • Furnish jobs for people to work together as a team
  • Offer self-help groups so individuals can meet parole requirements
  • Create ownership and accountability within a team environment


  • The average cost for the people of Nebraska to house an inmate in our correctional system for one year is $28,200.
  • The average time for a person to be incarcerated in Nebraska is 22 months.
  • 38% of all persons who have sentences more than 18 months and are released, will commit a new crime, or have their parole revoked within a three year period.
  • 80% of the people released have substance abuse issues.

JOLT Nebraska can effectively reduce each of these trends and save tax payer’s money.

JOLT Nebraska is made possible by donor support.  Your support in any way is greatly appreciated and makes this important program possible.  JOLT INC is a Nebraska (501) (c) (3) charitable organization. All gifts are tax deductible.

Contact us to at 402.432.3171 or by email at